The Abascal Way To Quiet Inflammation
for health and weight loss
The Express Cuisine Restaurant

The TQI diet's goal is to reduce inflammation because medical research shows that chronic inflammation is the engine the drives most problems of middle and old age. It fuels our weight issues and many live with chronic pain as a result of systemic inflammation that could be quieted with food.

At the same time, our immune system must remain able to use inflammation to fight off viruses, bacteria, and other acute diseases. We need to quiet unnecessary chronic inflammation without suppressing the immune system.

The TQI Diet achieves this goal quickly and elegantly. On the TQI Diet, you do not count calories or measure portions. Instead, you eat proportionately which helps quiet chronic inflammation in a myriad of ways. In the first phase of the TQI diet, we limit our food choices carefully to quickly quiet inflammation. Later, on the long-term phase, we continue to eat proportionately to ensure our body gets a healthy balance of important nutrients.

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Express Cuisine offers an anti-inflammatory menu with a variety of tasty choices that are always proportionate. In addition, Express Cuisine offers at least one dish that conforms to the TQI diet's elimination phase rules. View the menu here.

Express Cuisine and the TQI Diet were also featured on KING 5's HealthLink. View the segment here.