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Express Cuisine Owner Chris Lueck

Express Cuisine Owner Chris Lueck

It has been a dream come true, finally, after almost thirty five years in the field, that I finally am behind the stove at a restaurant I can call my own. Express Cuisine was opened in 1992 by Jim and Jocelyn and they made it into a favorite island destination that is just as popular decades later. Islanders have come to rely upon the laid back atmosphere, bountiful entrees, the friendly staff and affordable prices.

I've strived to retain the atmosphere, the prices and most of the island favorite menu choices and yet still make it my own. I have retained some of Jim's most favorite recipes and added what I hope will become new favorites among islanders and visitors alike. Look for seasonally inspired weekly menus, inspired by what is grown on the island by local artisans and producers alike. We try to use only sustainably wild harvested seafood from mostly the West Coast, beef and lamb from locally sourced producers and produce from right here on the island.

I've been blessed to have trained and worked alongside the best chefs and cooks in some of the most renowned restaurants throughout the United States. The one common denominator each chef possessed was their humbleness and lack of ego when it came to their own culinary expressions. I promise to adhere to their philosophy and will let my food speak for itself.

Thanks for making certain accommodations to dine with us. I know it is sometimes cumbersome to dine with strangers and not use a credit card to pay for your meal. And the fact that you must get your own silverware and pour your own water is a duty usually left to the waitstaff. What gives? This dining concept is unique to the island and would probably be shunned if it were in any city. But as islanders, we naturally gravitate to others and to the community at large. Express Cuisine is just another piece of the fabric that makes up Vashon Island.


- Chris Lueck, Owner